Advanced Dye Part.II: Thiox
Advanced Dye Workshop
Ball So Hard Sweatshirts
Ball Winding Services
Ball Winding Services From $ 2.00
Baltimore Artist Series
Baltimore Youth Arts Hand-Dyed Scarves
Beginner and Advanced Brioche with Lavanya Patricella
Beginner Basketry
Beginner Kettle Dyeing Workshops
Bousta Beanie Bundles
Capital Luxury Sport
Celadon Shawl Bundle
Chromium $ 22.00
City Zen Dye Retreat: Knoxville, MD
City Zen Dye Retreat: Knoxville, MD (monthly payment option)
Cobblestone Roving
Comfort Fade Cardi Bundle
1 skein of Loft (Silk/Mohair Blend) yarn next 2 skeins of Studio DK (100% SW Merino) yarn. Loft color is Federal Hill (pale brown/greige). Studio DK colors are Lexington Market (deep brown with black undertones) and Shadow (multicolored speckled brown, black and grey).
Gift Card
Gift Card From $ 25.00
Intro to Drop Spindle Spinning
Intro to Shibori on Silk scarves
Intro to Tapestry Weaving
Loft $ 22.00
Lotion Baah
Lotion Baah $ 18.00
Love Point
Love Point From $ 22.00
Macraweaving Workshop
Maisonette 4oz
Maisonette 4oz $ 42.00
On sale
Mystery Skeins - naughty yarn
Natural Dye II: Grocery Finds
Neighborhood Fiber Co. Ball So Hard T-Shirts (now with rainbow flecks)