Neighborhood Fiber Co.

Limited Edition Colors - Encore!

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  • Limited Edition Colors - Encore!

Neighborhood Fiber Co.

Limited Edition Colors - Encore!

5 in stock



Our limited edition colors are back! Please note that the bases and quantities listed reflect everything we have, so get them while you can!

Aurora Borealis & Aurora Australis are both gradient dyed and will stripe in smaller circumferences (think socks) and jump from color to color on larger projects. Aurora Borealis goes from a medium pink to light pink with pops of purple, to turquoise, to dark blue. Aurora Australis goes from a peachy orange to a red leaning orange, to red, to plum, to dark purple.

Magnetic Midnight: semi-solid mix of navy and dark purple. 

Mount Clare: deep coral pink with hints of orange.

Medfield: lightly variegated turquoise blue and green.

Arcadia: bright and happy green modeled after lime sorbet.

Fete: one of our original graffiti colors! It's a purple party.

Cherry Hill: variegated blend of cream, pale pink, and pale orange with speckles (!) of bright purple, pink, and orange.

Poppleton: variegated blend of pale butter yellow with moments of spring green and speckles (yep, more speckles) of turquoise, red, and orange.

Riverside: nearly solid cold, ice blue.

Engine No. 7: cherry candy red, nearly solid.

Seton Hill: medium, bright green (between Clintonville and Anacostia).

Generally speaking, our plied superwash merino yarns (Studio Sock, Studio DK, Studio Worsted, and Studio Chunky) tend to be more solid. Our single plied merino yarns (Rustic Fingering, Rustic DK, Rustic Bulky, and Beltway Bulky) are more variegated. Cobblestone Sock, Cobblestone DK, and Cobblestone Worsted are more muted due to the fiber blend. Our lace weights (Maisonette, Capital Luxury Lace, Penthouse Silk Fingering, Chromium, and Loft) can be very variegated.

Care instructions:
We recommend washing with Eucalan in cool water, as other brands of wool wash have had adverse effects on our yarn. Lay flat to dry.